Beating Escapism: A Way to Deal with Harsh Realities of Life

Are you running away from the problems in your life? If so, you are not the only one trying to escape. Almost everyone is trying to run away from one or the other thing in their lives. It may be from work, responsibilities, deteriorating health, bad financial status, or even goals & ambitions in life. Life is not that easy; running away can’t be a wise solution to the problems in our lives.

But, this doesn’t mean that escapism is all bad. Sometimes, it’s pretty good to take a break from your life and relax. You can plan a getaway or just get out for a walk, or just sit quietly and spend some time in peace in your own dreams. But care should be taken that you don’t cross the fine line between intentional escapism and outright avoidance.

To put it simply, sometimes it’s good to escape and reinvigorate, there’s nothing wrong in doing it. But when you start using this as a tool to avoid or forget your issues instead of facing them, it becomes a problem. In fact, running away makes you a coward and a less effective person.

Learn to face the world

Look at the world with your eyes wide open. Because closing them is not going to alter the situation. Just because you preferred closing your eyes, the situation isn’t going to simply disappear. Instead, it will even be worse the next time you open your eyes. That’s the type of world we live in.

Closing your eyes and plugging up your ears won’t make time standstill.

Get back to reality when “Escapism” becomes “Avoidance”

Escapism is like sugar or salt in our lives. Sprinkling it a little will make our lives better, but if added excessively, it will turn out to be a spoiler. Our life is full of challenges—either you overcome the challenges or the challenges will overcome you. If you deal with those challenges they will eventually make you a strong and brave person. But, what if you simply keep running away? When you run, you just avoid the pain for time being. But, then it’s your own loss. One cannot run away from the responsibility of tomorrow by avoiding it today. Running away from the realities simply makes you weaker and unhappy.

Life is not that evil once you get out there and start living—it’s indeed a beautiful journey full of adventures. If you wish to put an end to your escapist behaviour, you need some strong and compelling anchors. These aren’t definitive, but they can be seen as good sentinels against wanting to run away from life.


Aishwarya Korgaonkar

Aishwarya Korgaonkar holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the esteemed Mumbai University. Being creative and artistic, she leaped into the field of digital marketing and content writing. Her love for words makes her write creative and spellbinding content that adds colors to the world. She is keen about writing articles across different verticals and is always eager to work on challenging topics.

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