Attention! UltraViolet Shuts Down On July 31st, Save Your Digital Movie Collection Now

The Ultraviolet movie streaming service is shutting down on July 31st. Here’s how you can transit and safeguard your movie collection.

Long ago, streaming a video over the internet was not that easy as it is today. You were either required to go to a theater or rent/buy a CD after a few months of the movie release. And the last option was to wait until any of the TV channels show up the movie.

But soon people started moving toward peer-to-peer file sharing to pirate the digital versions that they were not able to buy. As a response to this situation, the entertainment industry came up with a cloud-based movie platform called UltraViolet. But, the bad news is that this service is soon shuttering. According to sources, UltraViolet, the very first alternative to piracy is to shut down by July 31.

Around eight years ago, Ultraviolet was exposed as an inclusive digital locker service that permitted users to store digital prints of purchased physical copies of movies and TV-shows. These stored copies were then easily accessible on several devices and platforms.

The company blames its shutting down on several market conditions including the development of new platforms and the growing competition with them. Among the competitors, Disney and Apple were the toughest of all. In the last few years, Disney had introduced Marvel and Lucasfilm, and not able to have its movies in your Ultraviolet library created a pretty wide hole. Besides this, the inability of iPhone and iPad users to access the platform missed out thousands of prospective customers all over the world.

Besides this, the platform faced a major issue as it did not allow downloading the movie versions— videos were only able to view in real time over the Internet. Also, the company lacked a storefront, and hence was unable to allow its users to shop for more movies without leaving the app or website.

The company says, “In the years since UltraViolet’s launch, we’ve seen the emergence of services that provide expanded options for content collection and management independent of UltraViolet. This and other market factors have led to the decision to discontinue UltraViolet.”

After the shutdown, UltraViolet subscribers will still be fortunate enough to view the films and TV shows. For this it’s required to link their UltraViolet library to one of UltraViolet’s supported vendors, before July 31.

The supported vendors are Sony Pictures, Vudu, Fandango Now, Flixter, Kaleidescape, Verizon FiOS, and Paramount Movies.

How to connect the UltraViolet movie library to other streaming platforms?

1. Firstly, log in to UltraViolet and select the ‘Retailer Services’ option. (if you see a checkmark, then you’ve already connected, so you are done).

2. Then, sign in to the selected Retailer.

3. Go to ‘Account name’ in the top right corner, then select the “Account Settings” option.

4. Click on ‘Setup’ to the right of “UltraViolet Library.”

5. Add your UltraViolet account information and click Login (if see your UV account listed, click the Connect button”).

You will get a confirmation notification that the accounts are now connected.

It’s that easy. Users can also connect their library to their Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Xfinity accounts. Android or iOS users can download the ‘Movies Anywhere’ application and simply click on the ‘My Movies’ button at the top to see the actual movie collection. Once done, one can resume viewing the movie, or even classify the library based on the alphabet, release date or latest items to your collection.

Lastly, just a small piece of advice, the Movies Anywhere app indorsed by Disney would be an ideal replacement, only if your movies do not belong to Paramount, MGM or Lionsgate. These three studios are not presently contributing, but the other major Hollywood studios are. For any further queries, you can visit





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