Audi Comes Up With AI:Trail Concept—An Off-Road EV With Drones For Headlights

Yes, you heard it right! Audi comes up with a new concept, AI:Trail having drones that will fly ahead of the car to light the road. Extravagant? Undeniably. Unrealistic? Undoubtedly.

Concept vehicles are the main idea of the auto show circuit. Even though many of these concepts might not ever make their way to production, they offer insights into an automaker and give hints to where the company is planning to head. At Frankfurt International Auto Show Audi revealed the AI:Trail concept.

Audi is well known for its performance and luxury but it’s not a brand that can be generally associate with off-road adventures, but that didn’t stop the company from planning its new idea at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company has not yet revealed the specs and powertrain of this concept car but still assumes to provide substantial power output. Additionally, there is no data about the size of the battery or the range it’s able to cover. Obviously, it is a concept car, so any of these figures are just predictions and don’t matter much. What is significant is that Audi is using a few design and powertrain clues from the A:Trail and is developing a model somewhat similar to it. Definitely, the Q line is good, but it is not exactly what you can call rugged.

Marc Lichte, the head designer of the company stated that the design is more than just an outline, it is an attitude. He further added that the car is designed to have the five drones as a substitute to headlights. These drones will travel ahead of the car and lighten the path. Having only drones to guide you on the road in the dark seems to be an absurd idea and hence it can hardly turn into a reality. For the meantime, the back seats are designed similar to a hammock. Though this sounds crazy, the concept can be useful and a little more comfortable for travelers.

To keep the exciting idea on, Audi has also declared that its E-Tron electric scooter (the push type not the “Vespa” type) will debut next year.


Aishwarya Korgaonkar

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