2019 DX Trends That Would Continue to Make Waves Next Year

Digital transformation or DX refers to the act of “going paperless” or shifting and transforming from old business processes into new, innovative ones. This is to allow the constant growth and development of business alongside its increasing dependability on technology. More than that, so many organizations today push digital transformation forward so as to accelerate user and customer experience.

IDC DX Awards is an organization, which believes that digital transformation has now become more than just a choice, but a necessity, an inevitability. Through different technological platforms and digital trends, leaders all over the world are empowered to change the future of work, business operations, culture, and customer experience. Every year, the organization recognizes, honors, and awards businesses that have successfully digitized their processes, whether in small, multiple sectors, or the entire company itself.

Want to be part of next year’s roll of awardees? You will have to adopt the latest digital trends first, for that matter. To avoid culture shock and fully immersing in completely different and advanced digitization, here’s a list of some of the 2019 DX trends that would continue to make waves next year:

The Mainstream Adoption of Cloud Systems

Businesses all over the world have been adopting a cloud-based system is probably the most mainstream thing or idea ever to exist. Data centers have become a thing of the past.
Cloud-based systems or cloud computing is an on-demand computer system that enables flexible data storage, organization, management, and dissemination without direct active supervision by the user. Basically, cloud computing is an advanced version of data centers, which is available to users all over the Internet. So many organizations today adopt cloud-based systems because these are proven to be more safe and effective since they can effectively store and secure data. Moreover, it makes easier for users to manage and control data from any device including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, etc.

The Constant Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI continues to climb the ladder of top digital transformation trends each year. As it is a trend in 2019, so it will be in the coming year.

AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Natural intelligence displayed and performed by humans are observed, learned, and adopted by robots or software that can help increase work productivity and efficiency.

Experts believe that investing in analytics can lead to spending time, effort, and budget in AI to allow quick and seamless navigation. AI guarantees a more personalized customer experience for businesses all over the world. More than that, it lessens downtime, which is one of most customers’ primary concerns. Instead of waiting for feedback from customer service agents, AI can immediately attend to customer inquiries and concerns while providing possible solutions to any issue or problem.

If you were to ask me, I’d say artificial intelligence is one of the most important and best assets any business can ever have, especially now that it is at its peak of maturity and advancement.

The Greater Use of Blockchain

Blockchain steadily remains on the top of digital transformation trends every year. But, as of now, it is kind of a mess. In fact, there are still massive amounts of obstacles and situations to overcome before you can actually see the benefit of this technology. Regardless of that, blockchain is expected to remain promising trend as it could significantly transform the way humans do business. The cherry on top of it all is that blockchain is still in its developmental stage; it is not going to take a lot of years before it could finally serve its purpose.

The Development of Chatbots

Chatbots are commonly referred to as the simplest form of AI and as it has been a top digital transformation this year, so it will be in 2020. Chatbots gained attention and developed this year, and in the coming years, these technologies are expected to reach peak maturity across organizations–whether big or small.

A chatbot’s purpose primarily lies in customer service. In fact, research has revealed that 80% of businesses today want chatbots in the coming year as they gradually become inexpensive and easier to utilize and deploy.

Wrapping Up

So much of today’s DX trends will carry onto the next few years or so. In turn, most businesses treat this as an opportunity to catch up on the latest digital trends as well as be able to grow and develop digitally. If you still haven’t digitally transformed your organization, when do you plan to do so? Let me tell you now that it would be pretty hard to catch up in the next years as technology continues to advance at such a rapid rate. Do it now while you still can!


Samantha Newman

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